The Seed Fund

The Seed Fund is a grant program providing stimulus to projects with goals that align with the Fund’s mission, including advancing the artform, and creating community around or promoting awareness of the flow arts.

About the Seed Fund

The Seed Fund was established in 2011 as a program of Fund the Flow Arts to provide small grants to projects and that serve the non-profit’s mission of advancing the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts, fostering local Flow Arts communities and cultivating a global community of Flow Arts practitioners.

The variety and scope of projects awarded grants have been broad and inspiring, including research on poi and aging, injury prevention resources, gifts of props to women in recovery from chemical and alcohol addiction, fire expos and Toybox of props to share at festivals and schools to name a few.

How to Apply

We will be launching the next round of Seed Fund grants in Fall 2023.

Watch this space, or follow us on our social media to be informed of when the next grant cycle will launch.


Awards will be determined by the board of Fund the Flow Arts as well as a committee comprised of Flow Arts community members, who will remain anonymous until after the awards are announced.

Grant recipients will be expected to have quarterly check-ins to update the Fund on the progress of their project, as well as provide written and/or visual documentation. By the end of the grant cycle, we hope to have a compelling story to tell about your project.

Eligible Projects

Think Community

As the Seed Fund is meant for projects that will expand the community, we do not fund projects that will only see use at private events or benefit small groups of people exclusively. Additionally at this time, we are not funding projects based outside the United States. Exceptions can be made if your project is sponsored by a US-based institution or will have benefits that will be shared around the world, like research projects with publishable results, or resources that can be shared worldwide.

  • Promotion/creation of social spaces, resources, and activities for Flow Artists
  • Creation of a Flow Arts based theater or dance show
  • Community outreach efforts, including after school programs, or enrichment activities for youth and retirees.
  • Efforts to integrate flow arts with innovative technologies
  • Scientific studies or research centered on the Flow Arts
  • Creation of shows/performances for parties, festivals or private/corporate events
  • Promotion of a troupe for the purpose of getting hired for private events
  • Performances by troupes or companies based in non-US countries
  • Creation of technology or resources intended to be used/exhibited among a closed group of people

Past Grant Recipients

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