Announcing 2023-24 Seed Fund grant recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023-24 Seed Fund grants. We received 166 applications – over 3 times the number of applications compared to the previous round!
The total amount requested was $909,291 and we voted to raise the funding by over $25,000 to fund a total of 25 projects spreading across 15 states.

  • Tier 1 :: 10 grants awarded = $9,800
  • Tier 2 :: 10 grants awarded = $31,739
  • Tier 3 :: 3 grants awarded = $17,390
  • Tier 4 :: 2 grants awarded = $20,000
    Total = $78.929

Congratulation to this year’s recipients!

Winter Workshop Flow Jam Series, IL
To support Chicago’s Full Moon Jam Foundation’s series of monthly, indoor events during the winter.

Being a Bridge, CA
To support safety, accessibility, and inclusion for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Flow Artists at events.
$ 8,000

The Flow Nexus, CA
To support a mobile educational space comprised of a library of flow tools and flow dojo, as well as workshops and a video series.

Flow Arts Show at the 77th Annual IJA Festival, WI
To support the production of a Flow Show at the International Jugglers’ Association’s annual festival in Green Bay, WI.

Eastside Spin Jam, WA
To support a flow arts meet-up and workshops in Bellevue, WA

Eastside Showcase, WA
Eastside Showcase at the Northwest Arts Center in Bellevue, WA

Open Burns, Washington DC
Monthly flow and fire event and workshops presented by Astraea Burners, for predominantly LGBTQIA+ members in the Washington, DC area.

Photonix, MI
To support a student-run Flow Arts organization and performance group at the University of Michigan.

Cascade Juggling Festival, WA
Joint project of Cascade Jugglers of Seattle and The Bellingham Circus Guild.

Lebanon Flow Arts Family – Friday Flow Night, OR
An all-inclusive Flow Arts Group serving the semi-rural communities in the Willamette Valley, OR.

Sierra Flow Society Flow Jam, CA
To support monthly flow jams and free workshops at a local venue.

Spread the Flow, FL
To support a series of free entry, sober flow jams and workshops in Central and South Florida.

Madison Circus Space PROPosal, WI
To create a library of flow arts props for use by community members at the Madison Circus Space in Madison.

Santa Fe Flow Jam, NM
A regular flow jam for the Flow Arts community of Santa Fe, NM

Tahoe Flow Arts & Fitness, CA
To help provide props and instruction at a Flow Arts & fitness studio in Tahoe Vista.

StuyFlow, NY
A student-led high school club in Stuyvesant High School in New York that practices the flow arts, performs in the school’s annual shows that operates under the principles of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsibility (PLURR).

Flow Dojo
A flow arts collective in Boise, ID whose mission is to make the flow arts more visible, accessible, and affordable to broader audiences within their community and the greater Pacific Northwest.

Albuquerque Flow and Fire Group, NM
A bi-weekly meet-up to practice fire and flow in a safe, supportive environment in Albuquerque.

Flow Arts in the Park, NC
A flow arts community in Charlotte to present workshops and an open flow space at the Feel Good Fest.

Flow Arts at the LEAF festival, NC
Workshops and flow arts props for a festival in Black Mountain

Flow Art Gatherings, VA
Monthly flow arts gathering in Richmond

Flow Arts festival at Looking Glass Studio, MI
A multi-prop flow arts festival in Warren.

Flow Workshops, IA
Flow Arts workshops at Cirque Wonderland Studios in West Des Moines

Indoor winter flow meet-ups, OH
Indoor flow space during the winter months.

Flow for the Fifties and Beyond, CA
An online, global flow arts education and practice venue for people over age 40.