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Nov 01, 13 The Flow Show
FLOW SHOW launches in Chicago!
The Flow Show is growing — we’re proud to announce the Flow Show Chicago, a showcase of some of the country’s best flow arts talent!
Join us for three performances at Stage 773 to celebrate the creativity and imagination that has grown from the amazing object manipulation communities of the Midwest. Since its birth in San Francisco and continuing through its debut in New York, the Flow Show has been met with consistently sold out performances and rave reviews, providing audiences with inspiration and excitement for a growing art form.
Tickets are currently available for the three performances:
Friday, March 27th, 2014 8 PM
Saturday, March 28th, 2014 8 PM
Sunday, March 29th, 2014 2 PM

$25 general admission, $15 children 12 and under
Click here for tickets to an awesome show!

Stage 773
1225 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago – near the Belmont Red Line stop | 773.327.5252

Pictured: Khan Wong   Photo: Sari Blum
Pictured: Khan Wong | Photo: Sari Blum at


Friday, April 4th, 2014  8pm
Saturday, April 5th, 2014  8pm
Sunday, April 6th, 2014  7pm

Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th St @ Mission, San Francisco CA 94110 | | 415.826.4441

TICKETS: $20 – Available now - Click here to be inspired!

Celebrating its sixth year in San Francisco, The Flow Show SF is an innovative showcase of object manipulation that will change your idea of movement. Sometimes known as “spinning”, this group of movement disciplines all share one common trait: the manipulation of a “prop” or object.  This year’s cast includes flow artists exploring artistic themes with poi, hoop, staff, buugeng, ball, and other props, all in the intimacy of a dance theater setting.  Combining elements of dance, circus, and theater, with mind-blowing dexterity, timing, and expression, this groundbreaking show will take you on a creative journey through flow.


photos by Becky Yee | pictured: Ann Humphreys from Flow Show NYC 2012

THE FLOW SHOW NYC presents an inspiring marriage of body movement and props in this two-hour showcase. Witness meticulously assembled dance acts punctuated by feats that seem to defy the laws of space and gravity – all executed with precise technique, beauty, and grace.

Aldous Theater: 118 North 11th Street
3rd Floor,  Brooklyn, NY 11249
L train to Bedford

December 13 Doors 6:30 PM / Show 7:00 PM
December 14 Doors 6:30 & 9:30 PM / Show 7:00 & 10:00 PM
December 15 Doors 5:30 PM / Show 6:00 PM


2012 Flow Show NYC Playlist:

The line-up for 2013:
photo by Becky Yee /
photo by Becky Yee /

History of the Flow Show

The Flow Show started as a lark for founder Khan Wong. He had witnessed too many performances where the spinner or juggler’s act was background dressing or a side-act to a “main” event. These performances included fire shows where even though the performer was front and center, it was moreso the fire that the audience saw. He wondered what a stage show would be like, where the focus was on the spinner, their skill, their choreography, their expression, and where the performances were presented as a form of dance-theater.

Thus a call was put out “Hey everybody let’s put on a show…”  Many in the San Francisco spinning community stepped up to participate. That first year, the show happened to fall the weekend before Firedrums, when a lot of the brightest lights in the international spinning world were already arriving in town for the annual camp-out/firejam/marathon geek out session. It was a rare alignment, and a crowd estimated to be three times the legal capacity of the venue showed up and most were turned away. The response by those who made it into the show was rapturous, and it was clear at the end of that first night that something bigger than a one-off show was born.

The Flow Show has now been presented five times in San Francisco, with the second New York City production coming in December 2013 and the first Chicago and sixth San Francisco shows in 2014.

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