2023-24 Seed Fund Grant Proposal Guidelines

Fund the Flow Arts is a US-based nonprofit established in 2011 to present and promote the Flow Arts. Our mission is to:

  • Advance the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts
  • Foster local Flow Arts communities
  • Cultivate the global community of Flow Arts practitioners.

The purpose of the Seed Fund is to support projects that will help fulfill this mission. We will be distributing a total of $50,000 in this round, and are offering tiered grant amounts. In your proposal, please provide the requested information for the tier to which you are applying.

For this round, grants are available to U.S. based recipients only. We hope to be able to support international projects in future rounds.

Previously funded projects have included:

  • Critical Mass Dance Company for their new dance theater performance piece. CDMC is a blacklight dance theater company that supports community health, women’s leadership and social change through dance education programs and performances.
  • Enrico Vinholi for continued work on technology that generates music from the movement of staves.
  • Kate Riegle Van West for the second round of her Poi and Aging research.
  • Kevin Gao for efforts to bring the flow arts as a form of therapy to Burmese refugees living in Boston, MA.
  • Paul Hull for the support of a dedicated venue for flow arts exploration, outreach and engagement in Nashville, TN.
  • The Philadelphia Spin Coalition for a new program “SpinCo Together” that seeks to provide positive impact through movement arts and interactive performance to individuals experiencing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and intellectual disabilities..

Please scroll to:

  • view application requirements
  • access application forms for the various tiers
  • view review process and criteria

Deadline for submissions is 31 December 2023, 11:59pm PST. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing your project proposals!




Tier 1: For requests up to $1,000

Tier 2: For requests between $1,001 – $5,000

  • Submit completed Tier 2 application form.
  • Example of how to answer question 7. You don’t have to make a graph/chart, just a simple list in the form will be fine.
  • Example expense breakout for $5,000 request:

Tier 3: For requests between $5,001 – $10,000

  • Submit completed Tier 3 application form
  • For this tier, other sources of funding are required. You will list these in question 7.
  • Example of how to answer question 8. You don’t have to make a graph/chart, just a simple list in the form will be fine.
  • Example expense breakout for $10,000 request:

Tier 4: $10,000 – $20,000

  • Submit completed Tier 4 application form
  • For this tier, a detailed budget for the project, including any other funds raised in addition to Seed Fund support*, is required. Include donations and grants, as well as projected ticket or other revenue. In your budget, please breakout the specific expenses Seed Fund funding will cover. Please see the example budget form below for an idea of how to conceptualize a project budget.
    *Please note that for this tier, other sources of funding are required.
  • For this tier, resumes of the project leaders including both administrative and artistic roles, are required.
  • For this tier, an interview with Fund the Flow Arts representatives is required. Someone will contact you to set this up upon receipt of your application.
  • Example Project Budget:
  • Note on use of funds: The Seed Fund grant will be used to support the following line items:


Review Process:

  • Applications will be reviewed by the board and a panel of community members.
  • Application Period: October 1 – December 31, 2023
  • Deadline: December 31, 2023, 11:59 p.m. PST
  • Awards announced no later than March 1, 2024

Review Criteria:

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AmazonSmile is a service Amazon offers that allows customers to donate a portion of their purchase to a non-profit of their choice – customers are not charged for this, as Amazon shares the proceeds.

Fund the Flow Arts is among the non-profits currently supported by AmazonSmile — please help us spread word that the flow community can support projects in the future by using this AmazonSmile link when making any Amazon orders.

2016 Seed Fund Grants

Fund Mission

Fund the Flow Arts (FFA) is dedicated to advancing the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts, to raise the profile of the artform, encourage innovative artistic progress and scientific inquiry into the benefits and uses of the artform, and to cultivate a global community of Flow Arts practitioners. In pursuit of these goals, we engage in activities that support emerging and established Flow Arts communities, present and showcase the artform to the general public, make the artform accessible to a wide range of people and advance the evolution of the Flow Arts disciplines in technique and artistry.

About the Seed Fund

The Seed Fund is an effort to provide stimulus to projects whose missions and goals are aligned with those of FFA, creating community around or promoting knowledge of the artform to the general public. Our aim is to make small contributions of up to $1,000 to support projects either by giving them the seed funds they need to begin work, or as a stimulus to reach a new threshold of activity.

Some examples of projects that would qualify for funding:

  • Promotion/creation of social spaces, resources, and activities for Flow Artists
  • Creation of a Flow Arts based theater or dance show
  • Community outreach efforts, including after school programs, or enrichment activities for youth, retirees etc.
  • Efforts to integrate flow arts with innovative technologies
  • Scientific studies or research centered on the Flow Arts

As the Seed Fund is meant to be used for projects that will expand the community, we will not be funding projects that will only see use at private events or benefit small groups of people exclusively. Additionally at this time, we are not funding projects based outside the United States (exception: if your project is sponsored by a US-based institution or will have benefits that will be shared domestically, i.e. research projects with publishable results).

Some examples of projects that would not qualify for funding:

  • Creation of any materials for performances at private parties or events (no gogo dancers or performances at private parties or events, including Burning Man)
  • Promotion of a troupe for the purpose of getting hired for private parties or events
  • Performances by troupes or companies based in non-US countries
  • Creation of technology or resources intended to be used/exhibited among a closed group of people.

There are probably many projects we haven’t thought of. Projects can take a variety of forms – we look forward to seeing the reaches of your creativity!


Application period: September 21, 2016 – October 21, 2016.
Project period: 2016-2017

Submit a completed proposal by the closing date of October 21.

Awards will be determined by the board of Fund the Flow Arts as well as a committee comprised of Flow Arts community members, who will remain anonymous until after the awards are announced.

Grant recipients will be announced early November. Recipients will have their projects promoted via Fund the Flow Art’s social media and website, along with a plaque honoring them as a Seed Fund Grant Recipient.

Grant recipients will be expected to have quarterly check-ins to update the Fund on the progress of their project, as well as provide written and/or visual documentation. By the end of the grant cycle, we hope to have a compelling story to tell about your project.


Flow Show Logo Contest Winner

Update on March 12, 2012:

Franois Erb’s entry was selected as the winner of the logo contest and is now in use on the show’s promotional materials. Website graphics will be updated with the new logo as well and it will be used on the show’s program. Thank you to all entrants for your efforts!


The original call for entries, for reference:

We are in need of a new logo for The Flow Show and decided to tap the creativity of the spin community and see what emerges. It can be a text-based or graphic logo, but the words “The Flow Show” must appear. The logo will be used on all promotional materials for the show, including the website, flyers, posters and the show’s program. Â Logo should look good either in color or black and white.

The prize for the winning logo will be $250 cash and a pair of watermelon flowlights!

Please email a JPEG, PDF or GIF file of your entry with the subject line “Flow Show logo contest” to flowarts@gmail.com.

Deadline: Friday, February 10, 2012.

Inaugural Seed Fund recipients announced!

We are pleased to announce the seven recipients of the Seed Fund Pilot Program!

“Do Stuff with Things” Podcast series on object manipulation and its communities around the world ($500)
Richard Hartnell, Noel Yee, Brian Thompson and Bri Crabtree (Oakland, CA, USA)

Hoops to gift to women in recovery from chemical/alcohol addiction ($500)
Charity Edwards (Knoxville, TN. USA)

Comprehensive web and video resource on physical conditioning and injury prevention ($800)
Nick Woolsey (Halifax,Canada)

Spanish-language tutorials providing instructions on various flow arts ($1000)
Fede Fourcade (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Toybox: a box on wheels containing various toys to be brought to fairs, festivals and schools to promote and teach spinning at these events/venues ($1000)
Melanie Troutman (Portland, OR, USA)

London Fire Expo: a free public fire performance in London ($1000)
Emily Morgan (London, UK)

Fahrenheit Festival: a fire and flow arts festival to serve the US mid-Atlantic region ($1000)
Kimberly Berk and Gregory Goldmacher (Warrington, PA, USA)

Congratulations to all who secured funding for their projects, and deep gratitude to everyone who applied for this first round of seed grants. We received over 30 applications from nine countries around the world, including countries from Asia, North and South America, Europe and Oceania.

The variety and scope of the projects were broad and very inspiring, and we look forward to raising funds and enabling more projects that serve the Flow Arts to happen in the future.

The Seed Fund was established in 2011 as a program of US non-profit Fund the Flow Arts to provide small grants to projects and that serve the non-profit’s mission of advancing the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts, fostering local Flow Arts communities and cultivating a global community of Flow Arts practitioners.

The judging panel comprised the Fund’s four current Board members: Khan Wong, Prisna Nuengsigkapian, Lily Rasel, and Sean von Stade; and Sandra Sommerville (Canada) and Shireen Press (Portland,OR), individuals who have been actively serving the flow arts and hooping communities for many years.

Flow Show 4 application available

The Flow Show is an annual showcase of the flow arts presented as dance-theater. We showcase the brightest, most innovative talents in the flow arts community from the Bay Area and beyond. The next edition will take place April 6 – 8, 2012 at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco. If you’re interested in performing, please fill out this application.

Please note the application deadline is January 1, 2012.

For more information on the show, visit The Flow Show’s site.

Seed Fund Pilot Program

Two of the main goals of Fund the Flow Arts are spreading knowledge of the Flow Arts to the general public, and deepening the artistry of Flow Arts practitioners. With these in mind, we are pleased to announce the pilot year of the Seed Fund – a grant program that will award small amounts (up to $1,000) for projects that meet these goals.

What makes this a pilot program? It’s the first time we are offering this program, and this initial run is a “proof of concept” for our grantmaking. We are testing our application procedures, seeing what kind of project ideas are generated, and seeing how the field of flow arts works with a formal grants process. What we learn through this process will help us shape and grow this program in the future, and help us learn how to most effectively serve our community.

Most likely, not every proposal will be funded. During the evaluation process, we’ll be looking at those projects that have the highest potential for the broadest public impact.

The application deadline is 14 November 2011 and the process is very simple: download the PDF or Word version of the form (“Save As” to your computer), answer the questions (you can type right in the text fields) and return by email to flowarts@gmail.com. You can either attach the completed form to the email or copy and paste your responses into the body of the email. (The submit button isn’t working properly.)

We hope to announce award recipients before Thanksgiving. Good luck!

> Click here to download the Seed Fund Application (pdf)

> Click here to download the Seed Fund Application (word)

Fund the Flow Arts launches!

We are excited to announce the launch of Fund the Flow Arts! The Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the emergence, evolution, and expansion of the Flow Arts.

“Flow Arts” has become an overarching term for the up-and-coming movement-based artforms that integrate dance and creative exploration of movement with skill-based prop manipulation. The Flow Arts draw from a multitude of ancient and modern movement disciplines from tai-chi and Maori poi spinning, to martial arts and juggling, to circus arts, hula hooping and modern firedancing.
> Click here to learn more about the Flow Arts!

The Fund’s two inaugural programs are:

Flowarts.net: An online community portal that provides resources for beginner to advanced Flow artists. Join to connect and find tools and resources to build artistry, technique, and community.

The Flow Show: An annual Flow Arts performance showcase presented in San Francisco with more cities to follow in the future. The dates for this year’s Flow Show are 29 April – 1 May. Get your tickets, support the Flow Arts and enjoy the Show!

The idea for the Fund was planted in late 2010. Its founders Khan Wong, Prisna Nuengsigkapian and Sean von Stade have been working behind the scenes with flow artists from around the world to launch this website, and the Fund’s two inaugural programs. Since then Lily Rasel has joined the Fund’s Board and we are looking to recruit more Board members.
> Click here to read more about the history of the Fund and the Board.

We invite you to support the Flow Arts Fund by seeding it, making a donation, or getting involved.

The Flow Show channel

Performances from previous editions of the Flow Show can be viewed at the Flow Show channel. on FlowArts.net YouTube.


Flowarts.net is an online community resource portal created to foster the development of the Flow Arts, and to inspire and enable a broader audience to discover and enjoy the artform.

From written articles to photos and videos, Flowarts.net provides a wide range of curated informational and inspirational resources for beginners to advanced practitioners. Users can explore and discuss many forms of object manipulation, including poi, staff, hoop, sphere, wand/levi-stick, buugeng and many others.

The site also seeks to foster a global culture and community of Flow practitioners and encourage the connections between them. Dedicated users and moderators provide quality content and management of the site.

There are several other online social spaces for the spinning arts. The focus here is not on socializing for its own sake, but on quality instructions and inspiration to help users take the artform – technically and artistically – to the next level, and on providing opportunities for insight, inspiration, collaboration and connection across Flow Arts disciplines.

Flowarts.net is currently in beta and is aiming to launch this summer. Visit FlowArts.net!