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Fund the Flow Arts is a US 501c3 nonprofit organization in service of the Flow Arts and the Flow Arts community worldwide.

Our current program and expense areas are in the production and promotion of several Flow Shows around the US, as well as the Seed Fund grant program that seeks to provide stimulus to projects whose missions and goals are aligned with those of FFA, creating community around or promoting knowledge of the artform to the general public.

Ways to get involved:

Volunteer: Fund the Flow Arts is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers for most of its operations. If you’d like to get involved and help out with future events (in exchange for free admission and possibly schwag), get in touch by emailing flowarts(at)gmail(dot)com.

Join the Board! Fund the Flow Arts is currently recruiting members for our Board of Directors. If you have experience or expertise in any of the areas listed below, or if you would just like to participate in building the world’s first nonprofit dedicated to developing and spreading love of the Flow Arts, please get in touch!

Specifically, we could use individuals with experience in any of the following:

  • Fundraising
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Event Production
  • Strategic Planning

Make a tax-deductible contribution. While our current activities do generate a bit of revenue, our earned income will not be enough to grow our programming and offer the services we have planned in an effective way. Current plans call for supporting the Flow Shows around the US, and implementing grants to Flow Artists and communities.

Contact us: flowarts(at)gmail(d0t)com

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  1. Lavender west says:

    hello, my name is lavender West and I am a fellow creative mind in love with movement, music, lights, having as much fun as possible, admiring the beauty in the world and being in theflow. I love what you guys are doing and what your organization stands for! I would love to join you on your mission to spread the love and experience of flow arts of the world. I have 15 years of life experience as a bartender putting on events in local bars to generate revenue for the business. I also haven’t experienced in the marketing side of things as I spent many years educating myself on marketing in order to generate more revenue and possible new customers for the venues as well. Please give me a call or email to discuss any further questions you may have in my experience or enthusiasm on any of the subjects you are wondering about. I want nothing more than to join you on your mission, it would be a true dream come true! I am extremely confident that I would have many lucrative and creative ideas to add to the mix. My phone number is 360-979-7220 or you can email me at

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