The Flow Show 4

Thank you for your support! The Flow Show 4 sold out its 3-day run at Dance Mission and we couldn’t be more pleased.  The audiences were lively and supportive, and the artistry has only increased, if we do say so ourselves. Here’s a little highlights reel showing some of the behind-the-scenes process as well as show...

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Fund the Flow Arts launches!

Apr 12, 11

Features, News

We are excited to announce the launch of Fund the Flow Arts! The Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the emergence, evolution, and expansion of the Flow Arts. “Flow Arts” has become an overarching term for the up-and-coming movement-based artforms that integrate dance and creative exploration of...

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the Board

Prisna Nuengsigkapian, Board of Directors Prisna began firedancing in 1999 and actively performed the fire and flow arts from 2000-2009 in the United States and across the world as a solo artist, and in circus troupes and professional entertainment companies for stage shows, corporate functions, art and music festivals, and rock...

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Flow Arts communities and the Inspiration behind the Fund: Flow Arts communities are simultaneously local and global. All over the world, local spinjams and workshops bring together flow artists to play, practice and share tricks and concepts. The global Flow Arts community grows as people travel to international retreats and...

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About the Fund

Fund the Flow Arts is a US-based nonprofit organization established in 2011 to present and promote the Flow Arts globally. The Fund aims to advance the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts. The Fund also seeks to foster local Flow Arts communities and cultivate the development of a global community of Flow Arts practitioners. In...

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