Flowarts.net is an online community resource portal created to foster the development of the Flow Arts, and to inspire and enable a broader audience to discover and enjoy the artform.

From written articles to photos and videos, Flowarts.net provides a wide range of curated informational and inspirational resources for beginners to advanced practitioners. Users can explore and discuss many forms of object manipulation, including poi, staff, hoop, sphere, wand/levi-stick, buugeng and many others.

The site also seeks to foster a global culture and community of Flow practitioners and encourage the connections between them. Dedicated users and moderators provide quality content and management of the site.

There are several other online social spaces for the spinning arts. The focus here is not on socializing for its own sake, but on quality instructions and inspiration to help users take the artform – technically and artistically – to the next level, and on providing opportunities for insight, inspiration, collaboration and connection across Flow Arts disciplines.

Flowarts.net is currently in beta and is aiming to launch this summer. Visit FlowArts.net!