About the Fund

Fund the Flow Arts is a US-based nonprofit organization established in 2011 to present and promote the Flow Arts globally.

  • The Fund aims to advance the prop manipulation-based Flow Arts.
  • The Fund also seeks to foster local Flow Arts communities and cultivate the development of a global community of Flow Arts practitioners.

In pursuit of these goals, the Fund engages in activities that:

  • Support emerging and established Flow Arts communities
  • Present and showcase the artform to the public
  • Make the artform accessible to a wide range of people
  • Advance the evolution of the Flow Arts disciplines in technique and artistry

Program areas provide resources, grants and education to Flow artists and aspiring Flow artists worldwide, and aim to nurture and strengthen Flow Arts communities.


  1. Kelly Smiley /

    Hi. I am a flow artist that is inspiring to bring more flow arts to my community. I am in the works on opening up the first Lake Tahoe flow Arts studio in the basin. I will be offering flow Art classes as well as practice space for established artists and upcoming new performers.
    I am a new buisness owner and am just starting to reach out to the the Flow Arts community for any advice and help. I am interested in learning more about any resources that are available out there, grants and education. Anything is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time..

    Kelly Smiley

    • Hi Kelly, thank you for reaching out. Exciting news about your studio! As the Flow Arts become more a part of people’s lives and get known by a broader community, we imagine that spaces like the one you describe will be more and more necessary! There aren’t many right now, we know of the Flowjo in Carrboro, NC and a space being developed in New York. Aside from circus schools, there aren’t a whole lot of spaces dedicated to what we do so we applaud you for taking this on.

      In order to qualify for a grant from us or anyone, you would have to be a non-profit. Otherwise, the avenues for funding available to you would be the same as for any small business owner. With our Seed Fund program, we seek to support projects that are firmly rooted in a nonprofit model, and they can be educational or artistic in nature, but they cannot be a commercial enterprise.

      If you are looking to do this as a nonprofit, the national organization Fractured Atlas would be a good place to research what you need to do, and also they provide fiscal sponsorship services, which is a first step that most new nonprofit entities take (including ourselves). Your local arts council would also be a good place to seek out resources. Good luck to you!

  2. I WANNA CO-ORDINATE A FLOW SHOW SEATTLE!!! Along with my troupe and business partners in Heartsinspyre Entertainment who are involved in and would be open to the whole community generally established under the banner Seattle Fire Gate who organizes the bi-monthly event Spinurn (spin/burn)

    On me I started doing Fire performance before the word Flow or even Poi was ever used in 1997. I have a degree in theatre and in the span of my career I’ve established 2 fire troupes, been in 3, and 3 circuses, 1 in SF (Mystic Family). I was a DPW project manager for B-man for 5 years up until 2004 when I came back to Seattle. I’ve been active in the circus/flow scene here ever since and also have been a part of producing 2 major theatrical productions, 1 we staged 5 times (same title/story but produced bi-annually), and the past year or two I’ve been a monthly club promoter and produced a cabaret show. Heartsinspyre is one of only 4 entities in Seattle that has paid and been vetted through the process of procuring an open flame permit by the Fire Marshal though this event we would likely follow flow as in do whatever other cities are doing in solidarity as it appears to be only flow.

    • Hi Asraiya,
      That’s awesome – we’ve probably crossed paths somewhere along the way! Sean and I started firedancing in the late 90s, and met a few Seattle peops along the way like Eros and some of the Magmavox peops, Musashi, Tabasco and Q of course.

      I will pass your request by the rest of the board. We are focusing on the handful of Flow Shows we have this year, but hope to open up more projects in the future.

      All the best!

  3. I was one of the original 5 members of Magmavox! (Eros, Seraphina, Kiyimbah, Mason, and me)

    So I guess I’m going a slightly different route then though I would LOVE to sync up and unite with you guys at some point.. I have booked our first showcase for next month April 10th from 7-9:30pm at Re-bar and I’m considering making it a regular monthly event instead of annual since our local community is so extremely large and growing (FB group has close to 2 thousand members and gets 50 new almost daily) that way everyone can eventually get a chance to perform their act on stage before an audience if they’d like to do it and we can also potentially have some of YOU come be guest performer superstars!

    Keep in touch k and break a stilt 😉 cheers ~


  4. Melissa Stockwell /

    Hi I was wondering if you got my email a while back? Thanks!

    • Hi Melissa, No we didn’t receive your message. Please resend it and we’ll get back to you. best, Prisna

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